Issues :

  • The Convention is beset with politics of developed nations. Many a times, the investigations and inquiries carried out have brought no genuine results, based on the assumptions made, for countries like Iraq.
  • There are several incidents in past which shows that there were more chemical agents in the country than had been officially declared and destroyed. For e.g Syria is party to the CWC but Brutal war in Syria exposes the global failure on chemical weapons.
  • Recent assassination attempt on former Russian spy in UK. Novichok was a nerve agent similar to toxic substances that are already regulated by the Convention on Chemical Weapons, but it is not banned under it.
  • Russia is a signatory to the convention. It declared in 2017 that it had completed the destruction of its 40,000 tonnes of chemical weapons. It didn’t declare Novichok, which it possessed despite states being obliged to declare all chemical weapons programs and holdings under the convention.
  • Another issue concerns the military nature of the nerve agent used in the killing of spy in UK. Toxic chemicals can be produced and used for lawful purposes according to the convention, including for military, defence and protection reasons. It’s just the use of toxic chemicals as a method of warfare that is strictly prohibited.
  • There is continuing ambiguity as to the type and specifications of those Riot control Agents means of delivery that are prohibited under the convention.


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