Ideal Answer Structure and Approach:


Introduction :

Define parliamentary committees and mention their types


Main Body :

First write their general use / importance:

Mention how they reduce work of parliament, being quite big in itself committee helps in addressing work loads

They provide specialized consultation

Provide balanced view, has both ruling part and opposition members, Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha members

some committees are specific to department, provide intense scrutiny


Now Specific content regarding Estimates Committee :

Define it first :

Mention its major importance like :

It being continuous economy committee, helps keep track of government expenditure

It is necessary to root out any corruption related issues etc


Conclusion :

Write a suggestive conclusion, you can mention that committee can allow more civil society participation and their working be televised or recorded and put on YouTube and other social media platforms


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  1. anjali 3 months ago

    can somebody post a sample answer

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