Reservation is described as positive discrimination, originally envisaged as a measure for correcting wrongs done against Scheduled Caste, Schedule Tribes and Other Backward Classes through securing them privileges in education and jobs, However, Reservation has experienced an inherent change in its character.


  • From original positive discrimination system it has itself become a negative system which is being exploited.
  • Reservation is being politically exploited by politicians to garner votes, reservation is being promised to those communities which do not deserve it.
  • Reservation is being used by communities to gain socio economic and political standing, they are even resorting to violent demonstrations to get their demands met.
  • Communities are not concentrating in improving their prospects through better education and entrepreneurship but instead are resorting to reservation.
  • Reservation is causing discontent among youth leading to brain drain as large scale migration to developed countries is taking place.
  • Recent allowing of reservation in promotions might negatively affect working of various government departments.
  • Most of the benefits of reservation have been accrued to well offs from reserved classes and to urban people rather than rural people. Thus, reservation has not been able to fulfill its envisaged goal.


Thus Reservation system needs an overhaul, reservation based on financial condition rather than caste can be looked into along with greater investment and improvement in social capital.


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