• Dalit aspirations for equality, in consequence, became fodder for patronage politics, rather than politics of empowerment.
  • Dalits have now rejected the patronising ‘mai-baap’ culture of political parties they don’t need them to espouse their cause.
  • Constitution guarantees scheduled castes in India rights against untouchability, right to equality etc but in reality the prejudices still remain and caste discrimination still remains oppressive.
  • Dalits are poorly represented in the professions, business, media, and the higher levels of the government including the police, the army, and the judiciary.
  • Recent studies based on available data indicate, for example, that 47% of the Chief Justices of India have been Brahmins as have been 40% of all the other judges.
  • In politics, caste has been a rallying point in mobilising votes at the time of elections.
  • The recent Supreme Court decision that diluted the SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act has given rise to the fear that the Dalits are losing the gains they had made in the past.

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