(i) A recent joint report by PwC and the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) states that mHealth is expected to be crucial in making healthcare accessible in India. Also, it has the potential to save the country $0.8-1 billion annually.

(ii) It goes a long way in helping people be more in control of their health, be more aware and better educated about symptoms for various diseases which shouldn’t go unchecked, their health risks as well as, precautionary measures one can take to protect oneself.


  • For instance air quality related health apps that could give you an alert when the air quality in your home or locality goes above safe limits.
  • mHealth offers a great promise to help cater to the needs of people with limited healthcare and family planning services and information in their everyday environment.
  • Mobile healthcare brings experts to small cities and give the excess to the general population for the care they deserve.
  • Telemedicine, emergency services, text messaging services, supervision and support services to the healthcare service staff, and data collection are among the functions that mobile telephony has brought in as new opportunities to develop services that would cater also to the underprivileged, rural, and less educated part of the population, and attempt to cover the last mile.

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