• Government should undertake measures with regards to boosting both public and private investment and raise rate of investment to 36% of GDP by 2022-23
  • Tax to GDP ratio should be increased to 22% by 2022-23 through rationalization of direct taxes , both corporate and personal income tax .
  • Tax compliance should be eased, technology should be leveraged in this regard to reduce procedural constraints .
  • Share of government capital expenditure and fixed capital formation should be increased to around 7.1% by GDP by 2022-23 by minimizing effective revenue deficit and increasing expenditure towards productive assets .
  • States should increase their overall tax collection by improving GST administration .
  • Should also mobilize more tax resources like property tax .
  • Housing and infrastructure sector have very high multiplier effect on economy , so public investment should be increased in these sectors.
  • Government should further consider easing FDI norms across sectors.
  • Government can relax limits with regards to rupee denominated debit ,further domestic savings can be enhanced by attracting foreign investment in bonds and government securities.
  • Non performing central public sector enterprises should not be allowed to run on government support , privatization should be undertaken .
  • For very large CPSE measures should be undertaken so that no single promoter has control,this can be done by offloading large stake to public
  • Kelkar committee recommendation should be implemented to revitalize PPP sector .
  • Government should pursue prudent fiscal and monetary policy to achieve macroeconomic stability and sustained high growth .
  • Initiative should be taken to lower debt to GDP ratio thus would reduce borrowing cost .
  • Lower government borrowing would also free up credit for private sector , government should reign in unnecessary spending and populist measure.
  • Government should undertake borrowing as per business and economic cycles and not for political reason.
  • Measures should be undertaken to reduce revenue deficit.
  • Budgeting reforms like exclusion of expenditure on health and educational sector from revenue expenditure .
  • Initiative should be undertaken to minimize in nominal exchange rate .
  • Financial markets should be strengthened and their penetration depend , this would improve availability of capital .
  • Measures such as independent bank boards , performance assessment of executives and flexible human resource policy should be undertake to improve governance in public sector banks .
  • Presently trading in rupee and other derivatives in being undertaken in offshore markets, measures should be taken to provide onshore trading .
  • Bond markets should be be leveraged as an alternative source of capital /credit to banks.
  • India should undertake steps to remain globally competitive in exports of manufactured as well as agricultural products.
  • Logistic sector should be made more efficient , road infrastructure should be improved , railways efficiency should be increased.
  • Announced infrastructure projects should be completed in a timely manner .
  • Multi modal connectivity should be enhanced.
  • States should undertake easing of labour and tax regulations.
  • Export promotion council should be strengthened and capabilities enhanced .
  • Government should promote closer economic integration with countries in South Asia like Cambodia ,Loas , Myanmar , these are emerging economies and India can provide infrastructure and IT related help.

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