Inequality literally means unequal treatment in terms of opportunities, advantages, disadvantages. The term social inequality refers to the socially created inequalities.


  • Inequality is found in all societies irrespective of time or place.
  • There are also patterns of inequality associated with the social positions people occupy.
  • Inequality is on rise in India as per WEF’s Global Gender Report, Oxfam Report on distribution of wealth, Global Hunger Report etc.


Negatives of Inequality:


  • Inequality is a threat to social cohesion and democratic set up of the country.
  • It deviates youth from rational thinking thereby giving chance to anti social elements to take the mileage. For example, Terrorist group, Naxalism etc which might hamper peace and tranquillity.
  • Inequality will create further division between the rich and the poor thus hampering the democratic structure.
  • It might lead to intolerance towards government machinery, minority castes etc which might increase incidents of vigilantism
  • It infringes Right to equality, Right to live with dignity as enshrined in our constitution.
  • It might increase dissent, increase tide of reservation thus threat to solidarity, cooperation etc.




  • Widen the tax base and plug the loopholes to minimise money laundering and tax evasion. In addition, anti corruption measure must be employed to ensure most efficient redistribution of tax benefits.
  • Precise determination of identification and eligibility of beneficiaries for welfare schemes. Aadhaar and Socio-Economic Caste Census can achieve this.
  • Promote universal higher education, financial inclusion, crop and health insurance, skill development of vulnerable sections, to assure better opportunities.


Government of India’s efforts such as Sugamya Bharat Abhiyaan, inclusive India initiative, LGBT bill, Maternity Benefit act, Demonetisation to curb black money, SC/ST Prevention of Atrocities Act etc are steps in right direction.


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