• Since Independence Indian focus on expanding the higher education sector has been to provide access. This has led to a situation where research and scholarship have been neglected.
  • Also the infrastructure of many universities is abysmal.
  • Governments and their regulators have also weakened the abilities of universities by prescribing how every decision had to be made and how the lecture could be imagined.
  • Teaching quality in Indian Universities is bad.
  • Issues with the latest move to provide graded autonomy to institutions. With this move, the institutions will have to generate their own funds for many of the freedoms they are being granted. So, they would be subject to the dictates of the market. Consequently, professional courses may get money but not the core social sciences or sciences.
  • There would be pressure to move towards paying courses. Those not catering to the markets would be marginalised and the generation of the socially relevant knowledge would decline

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