• The problems between the two countries have become increasingly intractable in recent years. The talks on resolving the boundary dispute have been stalled for more than a decade.
  • High level officials of the Communist Party can overrule the State Councilor and the Foreign Ministry at any time.
  • As the two armed forces operate closer to the long and disputed frontier, they run into each other quite frequently.
  • On the economic front, the trade deficit in favour of China was at $52 billion in 2017 it constitutes nearly half of the gap between India’s imports and exports.
  • Within the region, China’s deepening ties with Pakistan and its growing economic and military penetration into the Subcontinent and the Indian Ocean are making India increasingly anxious and laying the foundation for prolonged friction between the two Asian giants.
  • Nationalism is one of the key enduring driving forces that have shaped Chinese foreign policy over the research period. China’s “nationalist” efforts have caused sparking conflicts with inconvenient neighbours.

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