Q4) India has one of the highest road mortality rates in the world. Analyze issues plaguing India’s road sector and suggest measures to deal the issue.  ( 200 Words )



Marks : 5 out of 12.5

Positives in your answer :

Very good structuring
Clean handwriting
Answered according to the demands of question
Mentioned government initiatives

Negatives with your answer :

Your points and very generalist, would be written by most other aspirants
you didn’t mentioned Road Transport Bill, the controversy surrounding the bill would be the reason is question similar to this would be asked in Mains 2017

How you could have scored 6.5

Give data in your introduction, mention NCRB
Write specialized points, like improper planning, not doing regular security audit, not rectifying black spots
in suggestions, mention The Bill.

Q1) How does Fake Indian Currency Notes pose security threat to the country ? What measures has the government taken ? Suggest your measures to tackle the issue. ( 200 Words )



Marks 5 out of 12.5


Positives of your answer

Excellent structuring, you have answered all the parts clearly, well done
Hand writing is good
mentioned government initiatives, current events

Negatives with your answer

you have messed up the introduction, you should have written about FCIN, rather than just defining currency notes
content can be improved


How you could have scored 6+

Defined FCIN
more elaborate point like reduced confidence in currency, and naming specific act or rules if you remember rather than just mentioning that government has taken several steps and policies.


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