Q) Analyze the need for enacting a Space Policy and law given the present and changing state of space related activities and issues. ( 10 Marks / 150 Words )

Q) Elaborate on the importance of Indian Ocean Region ? What are the various issues affecting IOR ? ( 10 Marks / 150 Words )

Q) Critically Analyze India’s Nuclear Doctrine in the context of issues and challenges being faced related to nuclear security. ( 10 Marks / 150 Words )

Q) International Community and regulatory regimes have failed to achieve both Nuclear Disarmament and Nuclear Proliferation. Discuss suggesting necessary measures that should be taken by global community. ( 250 Words / 15 Marks )

Q) Critically Examine global measures and actions being taken to deal with climate change. ( 10 Marks / 150 Words )

Q) Examine various issues being faced by Sugar Industry in India, also suggest measures that should be undertaken to improve the situation. ( 10 Marks / 150 Words )

Q) Analyze the recent decline in value of Rupee in international exchange rate market. Does it benefit or harms India ? ( 10 Marks / 150 Words )

Q) Discuss the issues being faced by India in WTO with regards to agriculture sector. What are possible outcomes and what measures can India undertake to deal with them. ( 250 Words / 15 Marks )

Q) Several new technologies are disrupting the labor market. Highlight the issues which are being faced and would rise in future regarding employment of ever increasing workforce. ( 150 Words / 10 Marks )

Q) Examine the both potential benefits as well as potential concerns with regards to contract farming in India. ( 150 Words / 10 Marks )

Q) MSME not only provide millions of jobs in India, but also contribute to billions of exports. Highlighting the issues faced by MSME sector, suggest measures for improving and promoting MSME sector. ( 250 Words / 15 Marks )

Q) Examine the reasons for survival of Naxalism in India even after massive government measures. Also suggest what policy can be employed to end biggest threat to India’s security. ( 250 Words / 15 Marks )

Q) Discuss recent changes made by the government with regards to Defence planning and production of defence technology and machinery. ( 150 Words / 10 Marks )

Q) The phenomena of Fake News has become a menace. What factors promote it and what can be done to deal with it. ( 250 Words / 15 Marks )

Q) Indian food products have difficulties in exports due to sanitary issues. Discuss. In this regards suggest measures that the government should undertake in improving the situations. ( 150 Words / 10 Marks )

Q) Water use efficiency in India is very low and is one of the major reason for water crisis being experienced in India. Analyze suggesting measures for improvement in this front. ( 150 Words / 10 Marks )

Q) Discuss how illegal sand mining affects river ecosystem and ground water level in nearby areas. ( 150 Words / 10 Marks )

Q) What do you understand by Environment Accounting and Environment Impact Assessment ? What are the benefits for undertaking them. ( 150 Words / 10 Marks )

Q)  Highlighting the issues facing urban centers in India, suggest necessary measures on how they can be made center of productivity and development. ( 150 Words / 10 Marks )

Q) Analyze recent changes in India Israel relations with regards to overall scenario in West Asia. ( 250 Words / 15 Marks )

Q) Elaborating on recent changes in India Russia relations due to increasing closeness of India and USA. Discuss how should India balance its relations. ( 250 Words / 15 Marks )

Q) Critically Analyze  implementation of Forest Rights Act. Also suggest measures for improvement. ( 250 Words / 15 Marks )

Q) Analyzing India’s success in achieving MDGs, Discuss if India would be able to achieve SDGs. ( 250 Words / 15 Marks )

Q) Discuss critically government’s initiative of Aspiration Districts Program. ( 150 Words / 10 Marks )

Q) Highlighting the pros and cons of Lateral Entry in Bureaucracy suggest other measures that are required to improve working of India Bureaucracy. ( 250 Words / 15 Marks )

Q) With regards to demands of constitutional status of National Commission For Minorities, what are the issues being faced by minorities in India and would what issues does the commission faces dealing with issues faced by minorities. ( 150 Words / 10 Marks )

Q) Commenting on the measures taken till date, What further reforms are required to deal with criminalization of politics. ( 250 Words / 15 Marks )

Q) What do you understand by content of court ? Is it against Freedom of Expression. ( 150 Words / 10 Marks )

Q) What do you understand by Alternate Dispute Resolution Mechanisms ? Are they effective in dealing with burden on higher judiciary and providing Justice ? ( 250 Words / 15 Marks )

Q) Write note on IBSA, BRICS, BIMSTEC, SCO, IORA, SAARC. Highlight their advantages for India and issues they face.

Q) Analyze the role of PRIs in empowerment of Women. Also suggest measures than can be taken to improve political empowerment of women at all levels of Indian polity. ( 250 Words / 15 Marks )

Q) Discuss government’s effort of improvement of higher education through Rashtriya Utchchar Shiksha Abhiyan. ( 150 Words / 10 Marks )

Q) SHGs have been quite important in development of rural communities especially women. However they face several issues. Discuss suggesting measures for improvement and promotion of SHGs. ( 250 Words / 15 Marks )

Q) Critically Analyze the usage of A356 in Indian polity and measures taken by Supreme Court in this regard ? ( 150 Words / 10 Marks )



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