GS 1

Q) Analyze the contribution of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel with regards to creation of modern post independence India. ( 150 Words, 10 Marks )

Q) Discuss the pros and cons of river linking projects being carried out in India. What other measures can be undertaken to augment water supply regionally and locally. ( 250 Words, 15 Marks )

Q) Even decades after independence, Women in India do not enjoy basic social rights. Critically Examine highlighting reasons for such situation along with necessary measures that needs to be undertaken to improve the situation. ( 250 Words, 15 Marks )

Q) What do you understand by Fronts ? How do they effect weather and cyclone formation. ( 150 Words, 10 Marks )

Q) Critically discuss issues being faced by Island territories of India. Also comment on recent measures undertaken by government regarding the same. ( 150 Words, 10 Marks )



Q) Comment on the political turmoil being witnessed in India’s neighborhood and its possible implication on India’s relations with its neighboring countries. ( 250 Words, 15 Marks )

Q) Critically Analyze implementation of MPLADS scheme. Should it be scrapped ? ( 150 Words,10 Marks )

Q) Right to Dissent is a basic human right. Analyze with respect of constitutional and legislative provisions which negatively hinder this Right. ( 150 Words, 10 Marks )

Q) Examine the prevalent mechanism of enforcement of government/ state accountability towards implementation of its various initiatives as well as basic functions. ( 150 Words, 10 Marks )

Q) Enumerating the dictionary powers of Governor, discuss the pros and cons of role and functionality of Office of Governor in Indian political system. ( 250 Words, 15 Marks )



Q) With regards to severe destruction caused by Kerala Floods, highlight to issues with development being undertaken in Western Ghats. Also suggest measures that needs to be undertaken to improve the situation. ( 250 Words, 15 Marks )

Q) Compare and Contrast, functioning and success of Planning Commission and NITI AAYOG with regards to mode of economic development undertaken by both the institutions. ( 150 Words, 10 Marks )

Q) Pakistan is deemed to be having fastest growing Nuclear Arsenal in the world. What are implications of such development on regional and global security ? What measures can India undertake to deal with situation ? ( 250 Words, 15 Marks )

Q) Critically examine the issues which impede proper implementation of Contract farming in India. Also highlight recent measures taken by government in this regard. ( 150 Words, 10 Marks )


If anyone want ideal answer structure to any question, just mention in comments section below, the reason we are not providing is that it helps aspirants develop ability to think about structure when we evaluate their answers and point out their mistakes.

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