Q1) Analyze how Mahatma Gandhi’s initiatives led to empowerment of weaker section of society in preindependence India. ( 150 Words/10 Marks )

Q2) Describe the basic difference between western and eastern Himalayas. ( 150 Words/10 Marks )

Q3) Critically Analyze formation of Indian states on linguistic basis in post independence India. ( 250 Words/ 15 Marks )

Q4) Discuss how failure of League Of Nations was one of important factors that lead to 2nd World War. ( 250 Words/15 Marks )

Q5) Discuss how pollution affects rainfall over Indian subcontinent. ( 150 Words/10 Marks )

Q6) Discuss different types of inequalities highlighting reason for their existence. Also suggest measures to improve the situation. ( 250 Words/15 Marks )

Q7) Critically Analyze various government efforts that had been made for cleaning of river Ganga. What measures can government can undertake for better outcomes of its efforts. ( 250 Words/ 15 Marks )

Q8) Recent years has seen rapid rise of Non Communicable Diseases. Elaborate explaining reasons. What necessary measures can be undertaken to deal with the issue. ( 150 Words/10 Marks )

Q9) Even after decades of efforts regarding elimination of hunger and malnutrition, these issues still exist. Analyze the reasons for such a situation suggesting measures for improvement.( 250 Words/ 15 Marks )

Q10) What do you understand by Urban Heat Island effect ? Discuss its effects on Urban environment. ( 150 Words/10 Marks )





Q11 ) Discuss the importance of well developed sports sector, highlighting issues being faced by sports sector in India. What measures should the government undertake to improve overall sports sector. ( 250 Words/15 Marks )

Q12) China Pakistan Economic Corridor can have both positive as well as negative outcomes for India. Analyze. ( 150 Words/10 Marks )

Q13) Critically Analyze various issues plaguing education sector in India. Also suggest measures for improving the situation. ( 150 Words/10 Marks )

Q14) Indian Ocean Region should have been dominated by India. Discuss various challenges being faced by India with regards to its domination in Indian Ocean. What necessary measures should the Government Of India take to increase India’s influence in the region. ( 250 Words/ 15 Marks )

Q15) Critically Analyze various issues plaguing India – Pakistan relations. What measures can be taken to improve the situation, should institutions like UN be explored with regards to resolving issues. ( 150 Words/10 Marks )

Q16) Various women’s rights group have demanded enactment of Women Reservation Bill. Analyze pros and cons of passing this bill. ( 250 Words/ 15 Marks )

Q17) One of the major issues with RTI is its non applicability with regards to Indian Judiciary. Discuss various reasons which prevent Judiciary from coming under RTI system and their consequences. ( 250 Words/ 15 Marks )

Q18) Analyze various issues plaguing regulatory bodies in India. Also suggest measures for improvement. ( 150 Words/ 10 Marks )

Q19) Illustrate how Self Help Groups help with regards to several issues and rights of Women. ( 150 Words / 10 Marks )

Q20) Trade Multilateralism is increasingly coming under attack worldwide. What are various reasons for such a situation. What measures can be taken, especially by developing countries to safeguard their interests. ( 150 Words/ 10 Marks )

Q21) Elaborate on the mechanism of various parliamentary committees. Also suggest measures that can be undertaken for increased transparency and efficiency in their working. ( 250 Words / 15 Marks )




Q21) Non Performing Assets  ( NPA ) issue does not affect economy alone but is a systemic concern for whole economy. Elaborate suggesting concrete suggestions for dealing with situation. ( 250 Words/ 10 Marks )

Q22) What do you understand by the concept of Universal Basic Income ( UBI ). Discuss pros and cons of its implementation in India.  (150 Words/ 10 Marks )

Q23) Analyze the importance of Clinical Trials highlighting various issues being faced by this sector in India. Also suggest measures for better working in this sector. ( 150 Words/ 10 Marks )

Q24) Critically Analyze various reasons for low Tax – GDP ratio in India. How does it negatively affects economic growth. ( 150 Words/ 10 Marks )

Q25) Discuss various issues hindering growth of basic research sector in India. What measures can government undertake to improve the situation. ( 150 Words/ 10 Marks )

Q26) Critically Analyze various provisions of Compensatory Afforestation Act. Also suggest necessary modifications for its better implementation. ( 250 Words / 15 Marks )

Q27) What do you understand by the concept of Deep Learning. In what ways can it help ?( 150 Words/ 10 Marks )

Q28) Recently India’s ranking has improved considerably in World Bank’s ease of doing report. However there are considerable avenues for improvement. Discuss suggesting suitable measures. ( 250 Words/ 15 Marks )

Q29) Mangrove Forests, especially Sundarbans have great importance. What are various issues endangering their existence. What measures can be taken for their protection and growth. ( 250 Words/ 15 Marks )

Q30) Kashmir Insurgency is worsening issue for India. Give concrete suggestions for improving the situation. ( 150 Words/ 10 Marks )


If anyone want ideal answer structure to any question, just mention in comments section below, the reason we are not providing is that it helps aspirants develop ability to think about structure when we evaluate their answers and point out their mistakes.

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  1. Naman Goyal 11 months ago

    Please Upload Ethics Questions and Sample Compilation if Ethics Answers also.?

  2. Naman Goyal 11 months ago

    Please tell me how to write precise answers. For eg Q13 about education sector issues is a huge topic in which great content can be written but it is of 150 words only. So when I am writing I am always exceeding the word limit by about 100-150 words and time is also consumed.

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