Q1) The current turmoil in the middle east region has its base in Sykes Picot Agreement. Discuss ( 10 Marks / 150 Words )

Q2) ” The Moderates not only wholly failed in their endeavor, they were simply out of sync with the masses ” Critically Evaluate. ( 10 Marks / 150 Words )

Q3) After Independence reorganization of states was undertaken to fulfill aspirations of people and make federation more workable. Analyze the outcomes of reorganization of states done then in context of still demands from several quarters of need for another reorganization. ( 15 Marks / 250 Words )

Q4) Critically analyze the reasons for prevalence of communal violence in our society even after several years of independence and socioeconomic development. ( 10 Marks / 150 Words )

Q5) Caste is still an important factor that determines important aspects of most individuals in our society. Discuss with regards to affects of Globalization on Indian society and its caste aspects. ( 10 Marks / 150 Words )

Q6) Critically Discuss various issues being faced pharmaceutical industry in India. Also suggest measures for improving the situation. ( 10 Marks / 150 Words )

Q7) Though Urban centers are considered to be growth engines of economy, Indian cities are failing in this regard. Analyze suggesting measures that the government can undertake for improving the situation. ( 15 Marks / 250 Words )

Q8) What do you understand by Rare Earth Elements. Account for their viable availability in India and issues with their global trade. ( 15 Marks / 250 Words )

Q9) What is the significance of a well thriving flood plains. Discuss how illegal sand mining negatively affect floodplains suggesting measures that are needed to prevent it and improve situation of exploited floodplains. ( 15 Marks / 250 Words )

Q10) As China is loosing its labor advantage, India has an opportunity to tap the global market being vacated by China, but several issues are preventing us in doing so. Analyze suggesting measures that urgently need to be undertaken to gain from changing trade pattern. ( 15 Marks / 250 Words )


Q11) Critically Analyze various issues with functioning of RBI that has come to fore in recent times. Does RBI needs to be devolved more powers and autonomy ? ( 10 Marks / 150 Words )

Q12) Recent Supreme Court decision regarding SC ST Act has been criticized on the charges that it would make situation for SC STs worse. Discuss suggesting measures that need to be undertake to improve situation for SCs and STs in India. ( 15 Marks / 250 Words )

Q13) Analyze the reasons for no considerable improvement in situation with regards to crime against children even when legislation like POSCO Act are in effect. Also suggest measures that need to be undertaken for improving the situation especially with regards to lacunae in legislation. ( 15 Marks / 250 Words )

Q14) Evaluate the recent political changes that occurred in Maldives and their possible geostrategic ramification in India Ocean Region. ( 10 Marks / 150 Words )

Q15) Should the Special Category Status which provided benefits to various states be revived ? Holistically evaluate giving relevant pros and cons. ( 10 Marks / 150 Words )

Q16) Recent attacks on several journalists highlight the degrading scenario with regards to Freedom of Press and safety in the country. Comment suggesting measures for improvement. ( 10 Marks / 150 Words )

Q17) Discuss how the phenomenon of Fake News can have severe negative consequences and why it is difficult to tackle this issue. ( 10 Marks / 150 Words )

Q18) Critically Analyze various issues affecting higher education sector in India. Can recent initiative being undertaken by government to provide autonomy to select higher institutes help improve the situation. ( 15 Marks / 250 Words )

Q19) Critically Analyze various issues with Aadhaar system. Does the potential benefits out weighs potential threats and issues ? ( 15 Marks / 250 Words )

Q20) Analyze the issues related to consumer protection legislation and their enforcement mechanism in the country. Also suggest suitable measures that need to be undertaken to improve the situation. ( 15 Marks / 250 Words )


Q21) What are the various reasons that demand disinvestment of government’s share in various entities. Have various disinvestment been positive in their outcomes ? Discuss mentioning both pros and cons of disinvestment as an economic strategy. ( 15 Marks / 250 Words )

Q22) Though BHARATNET project was envisaged as a communications revolution that would have positive implications for several other sectors also. But present situation of this initiative is deplorable at best. Analyze suggesting urgent measure that need to be undertaken regarding BHARATNET’s effective implementation. ( 10 Marks / 150 Words )

Q23) Critically Analyze the reasons for expensive medicine prescription in the country ? Is the system of price capping and essential medicine lists of National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority working to lower income people’s satisfaction. What measures are required to provide affordable medicines. ( 15 Marks / 250 Words )

Q24) Critically Analyze the Skill India Mission as it is being implemented. Also suggest measures and reforms that need to be undertaken for its improved working. ( 10 Marks / 150 Words )

Q25) Given various issues plaguing agriculture sector in India. How can farming be made a market based enterprise. ( 10 Marks / 150 Words )

Q26) Present system regarding labor laws and their implementation is considered one of major drag for improving manufacturing and exports. Discuss suggesting measures for improving the situation. ( 10 Marks / 150 Words )

Q27) Critically Discuss Data Protection laws and system prevalent in the country. Is there a need for Uniform Data Protection Law. ( 10 Marks / 150 Words )

Q28) Analyze the reasons for increasing man – animal conflict. What concrete measures needs to be taken safeguarding interests of both animals and humans. ( 10 Marks / 150 Words )

Q29) Critically Analyze the working Compensatory Afforestation Act and Fund. Is it working according to the intentions behind enacting it ? What reforms are required for improving its implementation and outcome. ( 15 Marks / 250 Words )

Q30) Comment on the phenomena of declining recent female labor force participation in the country. Are recent measures undertaken by the government having any effect. ( 15 Marks / 250 Words )


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