Q1) What are the basics features of Indo Saracenic Style of Architecture. Illustrate how it drew elements from Indian and Indo-Islamic Architecture. ( Marks 10/ 150 Words )

Q2) It were policies of Lord Dalhousie that extended British Empire over entire Indian Subcontinent, but it was also due to his policies that British Empire its biggest crisis in form of 1857 revolt. ( Marks 10/ 150 Words )

Q3) Critically Analyze various issues with current water usage system in India. What can be negative implications in future ? ( 150 Words / 10 Marks )

Q4) It became clearly evident that rot in British Empire has run deep when Royal Indian Navy mutiny took place. Elaborate. ( 150 Words / 10 Marks )

Q5) Critically Analyze issues being faced by sugarcane industry in India. Also suggest measures from improving the situation. ( 150 Words / 10 Marks )

Q6) Analyze reasons for rise of vigilante groups claiming religious affiliations ? How do they negatively affect social fabric of society ? Also suggest measures than can be taken to deal with situation. ( 250 Words, 15 Marks )

Q7) Experts have asserted that Compensatory Afforestation would not be successful without proper involvement of local forest communities. Analyze various issues with current implementation of Compensatory Afforestation Act, suggesting measures for improvement. ( 250 Words, 15 Marks )

Q8) Since independence several efforts have been made for improving conditions of Adivasi communities, but very little concrete progress has been made. Discuss various issues being faced by Adivasi communities suggesting measures that can be taken to improve their conditions. ( 250 Words, 15 Marks )

Q9) What importance does West and East Asia regions hold for India. Illustrate  with suitable examples. ( 250 Words / 15 Marks ) ( write this answer from geographical perspective not GS2/IR perspective  )

Q10 ) What do you understand by ” Blue Economy ” ? What benefits can India accrue from utilizing its Blue Economy domain. Explain suggesting measures that can be taken by government for proper utilization of India’s blue economy domain. ( 250 Words / 15 Marks )



Q11) Critically Analyze various issues being experienced in implementation of Right To Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act, 2013. Also suggest effective measures that can be undertaken for its proper implementation and positive outcomes. ( 250 Words / 15 Marks )

Q12) Discuss, suggesting measures, various issues with several initiatives that the government had initiative to improve financial inclusion. ( 250 Words / 15 Marks )

Q13 ) Various strategy experts have asserted that India should tread global scenario carefully with respect to THE QUAD. Analyze mentioning pros and cons of upcoming strategic organization. ( 150 Words / 10 Marks )

Q14) Discuss various issues with implementation Human Rights in India as well as whole world. Also suggest measures that can be undertaken in improving the situation. ( 150 Words / 10 Marks )

Q15) Describe and illustrate the evolution of relationship between Indian Judiciary and Legislature in recent years. ( 150 Words / 10 Marks )

Q16) Critically Discuss various issues plaguing working of State Legislatures. Also suggest measures that can be taken to improve their functioning and effective outcome. ( 150 Words / 10 Marks )

Q17) Comment on the need for an independent Space Policy for India. Also mention what important provisions should be part of such a policy. ( 150 Words / 10 Marks )

Q18) Discuss various executive, legislative, judicial initiatives that has been undertaken in recent past for improvement of electoral system of the country. Also suggest further measures that can undertaken for further improvement of system. ( 250 Words / 15 Marks )

Q19) What is the mandate of Financial Action Task Force, what benefits can India accrue by working in synergy with FATF in domains of terror and organized crime funding. ( 250 Words / 15 Marks )

Q20) Critically discuss various reasons for thriving issue of Human Trafficking in Indian sub continent. What are the challenges that have hindered efforts to tackle this issue ? Discuss suggesting measures for improving the situation.  ( 250 Words / 15 Marks )



Q21) Rural Distress is currently the one of the biggest issue being faced by the country. Analyze various reasons which has lead to such a degraded situation. Also suggest measures for improving the situation especially from the perspective of small and marginal farmers, who are affected the most. ( 250 Words / 15 Marks )

Q22) It has been asserted that promotion of contract farming can help a lot in improving condition of agricultural sector. Discuss various pros and cons of contract farming. ( 150 Words / 15 Marks )

Q23) What are the various reasons and implications of rampant use of antibiotics in agriculture and allied sector. What necessary measures should the government undertake to tackle the issue. ( 250 Words / 15 Marks )

Q24) Comment on the various issues being faced by banking sector in the country and measures that the government has undertaken to improve the situation. ( 150 Words / 10 Marks )

Q25) Critically analyze the system to deal with cyber warfare in India elaborating the threat of cyber warfare. ( 150 Words / 10 Marks )

Q26) Illustrate current issues which leading to loss in biodiversity depicting importance of biodiversity in maintaining food security. ( 150 Words / 10 Marks )

Q27) What do you understand by Persistent Organic Pollutants ? What are the implication of their higher concentration ? Also suggest measures that should be undertaken in dealing with issues associated with them. ( 250 Words / 15 Marks )

Q28) What do you understand by Augmented and Virtual Reality. What are various possible usages of these technologies. ( 150 Words / 10 Marks )

Q29) What is India’s IRNSS system ? What strategic, economic, diplomatic benefits does India aims to accrue from it ? ( 150 Words / 10 Marks )

Q30) Write a note on various Industrial Corridors being developed in India. ( 150 Words, 10 Marks )

Q31) Critically Analyze various issues with forest governance system in India. What measures can the government undertake to improve the system and its outcomes. ( 250 Words / 15 Marks )

Q32) Critically Discuss the pros and cons of implementing DBT in fertilizer sector suggesting final action that can be taken to deal with various issues affecting fertilizer sector in the country. ( 250 Words / 15 Marks )




Q33) One of test of integrity is complete refusal to be compromised. Explain with reference to real life examples. ( 150 Words / 10 Marks ) UPSC 2017

Q34) In conflict between Individual Privacy and National Security, what should be the primary concern ? What are various ethical issues involved in promoting one over other. ( 150 Words / 10 Marks )

Q35) What are various ethical involved in Artificial Intelligence in various sectors. ( 150 Words / 10 Marks )

Q35 ) Case Study :

You are a High Court Judge and a case related to prominent politician has been allotted to you. The case is politically very controversial and there are apprehensions that you can face negative consequences if you give judgement against the politician. Several of your colleagues have advised you to recluse yourself from the case.

Considering various dimension, what possible actions can you undertake ?

What would be your final course of action, what would be the various ethical dimensions that would make you take that course of action.


Q35) Case Study :


You are a senior officer in the management team of a prominent hospital. You are responsible for deciding the medicines and medical equipment that are used in the hospital. You have been approached by a representative of a relatively new pharma and medical equipment company. The representative wants you to favor medicine and equipment of their company over other. They are promising you cheaper price, monetary rewards if you agree. But while exploring the background of company, you came to know that the company has shady reputation with respect to quality of its products. The issue is compounded by the fact that other officials and even your seniors have agreed to the proposal of that representative and are pressurizing you to agree to the proposal yourself.

What are various ethical issues involved with the situation ?

What are various course of action that you can undertake, mention discussing pros and cons of each.

What would be your final course of action ?


If anyone want ideal answer structure to any question, just mention in comments section below, the reason we are not providing is that it helps aspirants develop ability to think about structure when we evaluate their answers and point out their mistakes.

Just write your answers in comments section on question pages on A4 size page and mail us its photos to

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      We are trying to, but you would have to wait for few days and they would be GS2 and GS3 only. Only most relevant topics that we feel have been left.

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      Relevant number of important issues can only be gathered in at least few weeks

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