Q1) It was after appearance of Mahatma Gandhi on Indian independence struggle scene that some notable success were achieved, previous efforts didn’t led to much change. Critically Analyze. ( 250 Words, 15 Marks )

Q2) Even after successes of Green Revolution, much more is desired. Analyze suggesting reforms that are required to make agriculture sector vibrant again. ( 150 Words, 10 Marks )

Q3) Critically Analyze the situation of extreme water crisis facing our country. What short term and long term measures need to be taken by government to improve the situation. ( 150 Words, 10 Marks )

Q4) Examine the issues faced by Indian diaspora all over the world. Are efforts being made by the government sufficient. What more needs to be done ? ( 250 Words, 15 Marks )

Q5) Discuss critically the situation of rising pollution in oceans around the world, especially Plastic pollution. What worldwide measures needs to be taken to deal with the situation. ( 250 Words, 15 Marks )

Q6) With reference to Blue Economy, how can Indian Ocean be leveraged for providing different resources for the development of the country. ( 150 Words, 10 Marks )

Q7) Examine various threats being faced by wildlife conservation habitats like National Parks in India. What necessary measures needs to be taken by both national and state governments with regards to their individual duties and obligations. ( 250 Words, 15 Marks )

Q8) For the past few centuries Industrial revolutions have led the overall development of the world. Account for them and discuss whether India is ready to reap the benefits of 4th Industrial revolution. ( 250 Words, 15 Marks )

Q9) Account for Thorium reserves in India and their importance in energy security of India. ( 150 Words, 10 Marks )

Q10) Examine the potential and issues with regards to India being developed into a preferred destination of medical tourism. ( 250 Words, 15 Marks )


Q11) Analyze the requirement of reforms in police system across the country with special reference to comments made by The Supreme Court in this regard. ( 250 Words, 15 Marks )

Q12) Point out various issues with the working of the Parliament. Also suggest what measures must be taken to increase efficiency and productivity of the supreme legislature in the country. ( 150 Words, 10 Marks )

Q13) Critically Analyze the present situation regarding mental healthcare system in the country. What measures need to be taken by the government to improve the situation especially on the front of policy formulation and enactment and enforcement of legislation. ( 250 Words, 15 Marks )

Q14) Comment on the increasing influence of China on India’s neighbors. What are the deficiencies of India’s policy towards its neighbors and what needs to be done to retain India’s influence in its surrounding region. ( 250 Words, 15 Marks )

Q15) Lack of adequate finances is one of the major issues with higher education sector in India. Analyze suggesting measures than needs to be taken to improve the situation. ( 150 Words, 10 Marks )

Q16) Pointing out the issues with investigating agencies in India, suggest measures that urgently need to be undertaken to improve law enforcement in India. ( 150 Words, 10 Marks )

Q17) Critically analyze the issues with Benami Transactions Act. How it is impeding anti corruption measures and what the necessary changes required to make it more effective. ( 250 Words, 15 Marks )

Q18) Analyze the positives and issues with regards to discretionary powers of of both The President and Governors. What changes are desired in this constitutional setup, suggest. ( 250 Words, 15 Marks )

Q19) Discuss, suggesting measures for improvement, the issue of high number of vacancies in judiciary. ( 150 Words, 10 Marks )

Q20) Critically Analyze various issues being faced by tribal in India. What are the issues with constitutional and governmental initiatives with regards to their betterment. Suggest measures for improvement. ( 250 Words, 15 Marks )

Q21) Should Delhi be made a full fledged state or the current system should continue. Analyze highlighting issues with the working of present system. ( 150 Words, 10 Marks )

Q22) What can be India’s role in a rule based multi polar world order ? Is India able enough to fulfill its role ? ( 150 Words, 10 Marks )

Q23) China Pakistan Economic Corridor poses specific challenges to Indian sovereignty. Can India China Pakistan trilateral initiative work to solve this issue. ( 250 Words, 15 Marks )

Q24) Recently several questions have been raised regarding election process in India. Analyze suggesting measures that need to be taken to improve the situation. ( 150 Words, 10 Marks )

Q25) Discuss what benefits can India accrue from the membership of SCO especially with regards to its interest in Central Asia and with regards to issues with Pakistan. ( 150 Words, 10 Marks )


Q26) What do you understand by Shell Companies ? How are they used of illegal purposes and what measures should be undertaken by the regulators and the government for dealing with them effectively. ( 250 Words, 15 Marks )

Q27) Comprehensively discuss issues with land as well as marine borders of India with its neighbors. ( 250 Words, 15 Marks )

Q28) Negative effects of Climate Change are increasingly being felt. What are the various challenges with adaption to these changes. What measures should undertaken to deal with the situation. ( 250 Words, 15 Marks )

Q29) Analyze, suggesting measures the increasing trend of worldwide hunger. ( 150 Words, 10 Marks )

Q30) Critically Analyze various issues with corporate governance in the country. Also suggest necessary measures that needs to be undertaken to improve the situation. ( 150 Words, 10 Marks )

Q31) Discuss the issues with providing electricity by the way of using micro grids. What policy and other changes are required to improve on issues with micro grid system. ( 150 Words, 10 Marks )

Q32) Analyze the challenges and issues being faced by Skill India Mission in fulfilling its mandate. What are the important changes that must be undertaken to improve the situation. ( 250 Words, 15 Marks )

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