Q) There are demands for Criminalization of Cyber Speech, should cyber speech be criminalized ? Analyze pros and cons of criminalizing cyber speech. ( 150 Words, 10 Marks )

Q) Several new laws are being enacted with provisions for harshest punishments, but it is better law enforcement that would have required effect and not harsh punishments. Analyze mentioning issues with law enforcement system in the country and suggestions to improve it. ( 250 Words, 15 Marks )

Q) Critically analyze issues being faced by transgender community in the country and also mention some measures that the government need to undertake for improving their conditions. ( 150 Words, 10 Marks )

Q) Highlight various issues which hinder Inter State Council fulfill its constitutional duties. Also suggest measures that should be implemented to improve the situation. ( 150 Words, 10 Marks )

Q) Critically Discuss the current system related to water governance mechanism in the country in light of Mihir Shah Committee recommendations. ( 150 Words, 10 Marks )

Q) One of the major issue with Indian political system is lack of Intra Party Democracy. Analyze showcasing how better intra party democracy would lead to better political system. ( 250 Words, 15 Marks )

Q) Critically analyze achievements of Swachh Bharat Mission highlighting issues and challenges it is facing. ( 250 Words, 15 Marks )

Q) It is being said that SAARC as a regional grouping has failed and it is time to leave it and move on to other bodies. What are various issues being faced by SAARC ? What measures can be collectively taken to improve its functioning. ( 250 Words, 15 Marks )

Q) Effective implementation of Forest Rights Act can solve lot of problems related to livelihood, security and local governance, however its implementation is mired in several issues. Discuss suggesting measures for improvement. ( 250 Words, 15 Marks )

Q) Examine the issues and threats being faced by Indian Cultural and Art heritage ? What are the necessary measures that the government needs to undertake to improve the situation ? ( 250 Words, 15 Marks )

Q) NITI AAYOG has strongly recommended improvement in land titling system. What are various issues with current land titling system and what implications would improvement lead to ? ( 150 Words, 10 Marks )

Q) What do you understand by DNA fingerprinting ? Highlighting issues involved, what are various positive uses of this technology/procedure ? ( 150 Words, 10 Marks )

Q) Robust Entrepreneurial environment can help not only in tackling the issue of job generation but also improve overall economic system, but present conditions in India are not conducive to Entrepreneurship at all. Elaborate suggesting measures for improvement. ( 150 Words, 10 Marks )

Q) Robust underwater capabilities are not only important for defense purpose but economic exploitation of ocean resources also. Examine deficiencies in underwater capabilities of India and measures government has undertaken in improving the situation. ( 250 Words, 15 Marks )

Q) What are the benefits which are accrued due to well functioning wet lands ? Discuss with regards to consistent degradation being experienced by wetlands in India. ( 150 Words, 10 Marks )


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