Q) Examine the Sedition Law in power in country, should it be repealed ? ( 150 Words, 10 Marks )

Q) Critically Analyze the functioning of parliament and state legislators. Also suggest concrete measures that must be undertaken to improve the productivity of our institutions. ( 250 Words, 15 Marks )

Q) Discuss various aspects of India’s position and engagement with regards to Afghanistan peace process. ( 150 Words, 10 Marks )

Q) Is Right of Children to free and compulsory education being properly implemented in India ? Discuss issues / challenges and suggestions. ( 250 Words, 15 Marks )

Q) From being a premier investigation agency of the country,  to now a dilapidated institution, Analyze the downfall of CBI. ( 150 Words, 10 Marks )

Q) Several Global Nuclear and other arms treaties are being broken. Discuss mentioning possible impacts. ( 150 Words, 10 Marks )

Q) Examine various dimensions through which BREXIT can have impact on India EU and India – England relationship. ( 250 Words, 15 Marks )

Q) Critically analyze the provisions and implementation of National Security Act. Does it violates Constitutional spirit. ( 250 Words, 15 Marks )




Q) Analyzing various aspects of militant attacks in Kashmir, suggest measures that are required to comprehensively deal with militancy in the region. ( 150 Words, 10 Marks )

Q) Productivity is basic factor that determines genuine growth. Critically analyze various issues that are cause of low productivity in India and also suggest measures required to improve situation in this regards. ( 150 Words, 10 Marks )

Q) What do you understand by Integrated Battle Groups ? Examine the present system being used by Indian armed forces, and how Integrated Battle groups can help. ( 150 Words, 10 Marks )

Q) In recent times, several cases of corporate mismanagement has surfaced in India. Discuss suggesting measures for overall improvement of corporate culture in India. ( 150 Words, 10 Marks )

Q) Nuclear Power is touted as renewable and sustainable source of energy. Analyze the pros and cons of nuclear energy with regards to fulfillment of modern energy requirements in face of other sources renewable energy. ( 250 Words, 15 Marks )

Q) In lights of recent CAG report regarding defense acquisition, examine the issues with regards to present procurement system and measures that the government should undertake with regards to improving the system. ( 150 Words, 10 Marks )

Q) Critically examine the various issues with regards to Particularly Vulnerable Tribal groups. Also suggest measures for their overall socio economic development. ( 150 Words, 10 Marks )

Q) Government is undertaking several initiatives to make India a global financial center. Discuss mentioning challenges in achieving that goal. ( 150 Words, 10 Marks )

Q) Analyze various aspects of Indian System of Medicines. Can it provide healthcare services comparable to traditional western / modern healthcare system. ( 150 Words, 10 Marks )

Q) Examine various issues being faced by Telecom Sector. Also suggest measures that needs to be undertaken to improve global competitiveness of India’s telecom sector. ( 150 Words, 10 Marks )



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