Q) Compare Hindustani and Classical Music while describing unique features of both of them. ( 150 Words / 10 Marks )

Q) Can imparting education in mother tongue help improve learning outcomes of our education system ? Analyze. ( 150 Words / 10 Marks )

Q) Congress of Vienna was watershed moment in European history which greatly affected future of European Continent for a long time to come. ( 150 Words / 10 Marks )

Q) What do you understand by Flash Floods, which areas in India are prone to Flash Floods ? Also suggest measures to mitigate their impact. ( 250 Words / 15 Marks )

Q) Analyze how Self Help Group help in socio economic development. Suggest measures on enhancing their capabilities while mentioning issues being faced by them. ( 250 Words /15 Marks )


Q) Critically Analyze affects of meeting the demand of creation of new states on Indian polity. ( 150  Words / 10 Marks )

Q) India – Israel relationship has evolved considerably overtime. What challenges does India face in leveraging this relationship further. ( 150 Words / 10 Marks )

Q) What do you understand by Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism. How can it improve global anti terror efforts. What are various hindrance in its adoption. ( 250 Words / 15 Marks )

Q) While Bilateral Investment Treaties has helped India attract investment, they have been behind various issues. Discuss. Also Analyze how Model BIT envisages to improve the situation. ( 250 Words, 15 Marks )

Q) What do you understand by Referendum ? Can Referendums by promoted as instrument of effective democracy ? ( 150 Words / 10 Marks )

Q) Critically Analyze the working of Collegium System. Discuss measures that can improve judicial appointment and removal process. ( 150 Words / 10 Marks )

Q) Critically analyse India’s No First Use Policy in an increasingly changing geostrategic scenario. ( 150  Words / 10 Marks )

Q) Time and again arguments have been made for adoption of Presidential System of Government. Should India adopt Presidential System ? Analyse in context pros and cons of Parliamentary System. ( 250 Words / 15 Marks )

Q) Do you thing that Right to Live with dignity also entails Right to Die ? Should Passive and Active Euthanasia be explicitly legalized ? ( 250 Words /15 Marks )

Q) Discuss how Indian Diaspora can help India in enhancing its socio economic development mentioning various initiatives undertaken by GOI in engaging with diaspora. ( 150 Words / 10 Marks )



Q) India has one of the highest road mortality rates in the world. Analyze issues plaguing India’s road sector and suggest measures to deal the issue.  ( 150 Words / 10 Marks )

Q) How does Fake Indian Currency Notes pose security threat to the country ? What measures has the government taken ? Suggest your measures to tackle the issue. ( 250 Words/ 15 Marks )

Q) What do you understand by Stem Cell Therapy ? What advantages had made it so popular recently ? Also mention measures that can be taken to promote this therapy in India. ( 250 Words / 15 Marks )

Q) What do you understand by Fast Breeder Reactors ? How does successful functioning of FBRs help in successful implementation India’s 3 stage nuclear energy development plan ? ( 150 Words / 10 Marks )

Q ) Should there be a countrywide uniform land leasing law ? Analyze how not having a proper land leasing policy/ law affect overall economic development and agriculture sector in particular. ( 250 Words / 15 Marks )

Q) Ports can play a major role in development of economy, but Indian ports face several issues. Analyze. Also suggest of Project Sagarmala aims to improve the situation. ( 150 Words / 10 Marks )

Q) What do you understand by strategic disinvestment ? What major objectives does government aim in achieving by pursuing strategic disinvestment. Analyze issue that have hindered achievement of disinvestment target. ( 250 Words / 15 Marks )

Q) Analyze how Universal Basic Income can help deal with several socioeconomic  issues in India and challenges in implementation of UBI. ( 150 Words / 10 Marks )

Q) Analyze issues related to coastal security of India. Also suggest measures for improvement. ( 150  Words / 10 Marks )

Q) What do you understand by cloud seeding. Discuss positives and negatives that can happen if this process is proactively put into use. ( 150 Words / 10 Marks )


If anyone want ideal answer structure to any question, just mention in comments section below, the reason we are not providing is that it helps aspirants develop ability to think about structure when we evaluate their answers and point out their mistakes.

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