Gender bias against women in India is an inherent feature of Indian society society from historic times and this has continued to present times leading to negative effects on political, social, economic development of country as well as negative effects on India’s image in international arena.


Different Aspects:


  • Gender bias is clearly visible in political setup of country,women are not selected by political parties, there is also apprehension among voters against voting women candidates.
  • In the 16th Lok Sabha, only 64 out of its 542 member are women. This is even less than countries like Pakistan.
  • Crime against women from prior to birth upto old age, which are prevalent in our society accurately depicts status of gender bias in Indian society.
  • Since Independence, number females killed of foeticide and infanticide are in millions.
  • Every years thousand of under aged girls are married, which affects their health, physical as well as mental and in turn affects socio economic development of whole society.
  • Girl child face bias in terms of education and nutrition, they have additional responsibility with regards to household.
  • Pay gaps, sexual harassment are issue faced by women in working sector.
  • Women face greater difficulties in getting access to government initiatives.
  • Digital divide affects women more than men, especially rural women.
  • More women are prone to working in informal sectors than men.
  • Women from SC and ST section of the society faces several issues of their own.
  • In major institutions of country like judiciary, which have power to change status women, women representation is low.
  • In case of Panchayats, even though women enjoy reservations, they are not powerful in themselves. ‘SARPANCH PATI CULTURE’.


Government measures in this regards:


  • Government has launched several initiatives like Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Yojana, has enacted laws against sex selective abortions.
  • Several states are running model schools for girls, some states like Punjab have declared free education for girls till postgraduate levels.
  • Women are being helped economically through Start Up India, Stand Up India, Mudra Yojana as well as skill development initiatives.
  • Anti Sexual Harassment Law is being implemented, wage gap issues are being addressed, creche facilities are being provided.
  • Nirbhaya Fund was established to finance society measures and projects.
  • Mahila E-HAAT, One Stop Centre have been setup.
  • Trafficking of Persons Bill, 2015 has been introduced to deal with human trafficking which affect women more.

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