• Rise of Dalit Entrepreneurs: The upward mobility of some Dalits caused by market reforms post-1991, ironically leads to higher incidence of atrocities in the form of a backlash.
  • According to socio-economic and caste census 2011, 45% of SC households are landless and earn a living by manual casual labour.
  • According to the NHRC statistics 37% Dalits live below the poverty line, 54% are undernourished, 83 per 1,000 children born in a Dalit household die before their first birthday, 12% before their fifth birthday, and 45% remain illiterate. The data also shows that Dalits are prevented from entering the police station in 28% of Indian villages.
  • The contract system, privatisation and disinvestment did their bit to make reservation norms inconsequential.

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