(i) There must be enhanced cooperation among nations and reaffirmed a global call to action for all United Nations member nations to not attack the core of the Internet even when in a state of war. This also clearly emphasises the fact that more than ever before, there is a need for a Geneva-like Convention to agree on some high-level recommendations among nations to keep the Internet safe, open, universal and interoperable.


(ii) At the Global Conference on Cyber Space held in New Delhi in November 2017, following steps were listed:


An International Cyber Disarmament Commission or a forum similar to the existing Conference on Disarmament.


An open-ended working group or a smaller committee nominated by the UN General Assembly.


(iii) Creating assurance framework to promote adoption of best practices.


(iv) Government should create secure cyber-ecosystem and enable adequate trust and confidence in electronic transactions and also guiding stakeholders actions for protection of cyberspace.



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