Cons of graded autonomy :

  • This is considered as a step towards privatisation and commercialisation of public-funded institutes and government’s slow withdrawal from funding higher education.
  • Many teachers and academicians are calling it merely “financial autonomy”.
  • Many have also expressed concerns that the move will make higher education more expensive in country and departure from public accountability.
  • Autonomy from regulations also means that there will be no check on the quality and adequacy of infrastructure (classrooms, labs, faculty, student-teacher ratio etc), leading to an inevitable and certain fall in overall standards of all institutions.
  • The problem is that a lot of states already have a deficit budget, so there’s always a shortage of funds in state universities and colleges. And with failing infrastructures they can’t meet the enrolment targets, which means that their RUSA grants will also be reduced. So it creates a vicious cycle.
  • With no funds pouring in from the Centre, the newly-minted autonomous colleges and universities will result in hiring of more teaching staff on a contractual basis.

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