Repeated acts of terror from across the border led to rigorous introspection in the Government for developing measures to avoid such tragedies. The Pathankot attack saw terrorist crossing border from underground tunnel which escaped the sight of border surveillance forces. Further many such tunnel have been reported which asks for greater security arrangements at the border.


The defense ministry has proposed Comprehensive Integrated Border Management System (CIBMS) to ensure efficient, effective and round the clock surveillance.


Pros :


  • Technical solutions are necessary to augment and complement the traditional methods of border guarding.
  • They not only enhance the surveillance and detection capabilities of the border guarding forces but also improve the impact of the border guarding personnel against infiltration and trans-border crimes.
  • Smart borders will not only strengthen security infrastructure but also can go a long way in reducing the loss of valuable lives of our soldiers.
  • Besides, the idea has a potential to boost innovation in Indian companies and research institutes, which could develop cost-effective technologies.


Cons :


  • The experiences of countries such as the US that have employed high-tech devices demonstrate that not only are the costs of such devices prohibitive but that they also fail to provide a comprehensive solution to border security problems.
  • The exorbitant cost of the electronic devices and the lack of easy availability of spare parts act as a deterrent against their use.
  • Centralised decision making could hamper timely and effective response on the ground given that detection and interception of infiltrators at the border require a quick response which is achieved only through a decentralised decision making process.
  • The army is also using some imported, sophisticated technical equipments, but its optimum use is hampered by its incompatibility with terrain and border security infrastructure.
  • The effectiveness of the equipments is further curtailed by the lack of training, repair and maintenance facility and smart users.


Suggestions :


  • There is a need for setting up a border security operation cum intelligence centers, for better cooperation and coordination among various agencies involved in border security. Operations should be intelligence driven.
  • A strong initiative to utilize this existing infrastructure to their optimum capacity can go a long way in improving border security without additional cost.
  • Border volunteers can be recruited to assist surveillance. Locals from border villages can be hired which shall also improve employment.


Instead of high-cost and innovative technological solutions that require extensive technical expertise, a judicious mix of properly trained manpower and affordable and tested technology is likely to yield better results.


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