Suggestions to deal with issues like Cambridge Analytics issues:


(i) The social media platform has provided some tools that help users determine how much of their data can be shared but not many know about it.


It is time for technology companies like Facebook to take the onus of creating awareness about data protection upon themselves.


(ii) Awareness should be backed up with strong data protection laws that impose heavy penalties on violators.


(iii) Platforms like Facebook thrive on getting maximum user information. The entire business model around personalised advertising requires access to more and more user information. Newer technologies like artificial intelligence are also completely dependent on gathering user-specific information.


Some of these activities could be legitimate but it needs to be clearly defined and communicated to the users.


Consumers on their part should be cautious of sharing information online.


(iv) The experience world over is that many corporations are averse to installing even basic security if it involves investment. It is ultimately the management that has to take the call.


(v) Even harmless looking mobile applications are able to collect large amounts of data. This includes the user’s contact list, messages, camera, and location, which may not have any direct correlation with the underlying service being offered.


(vi) High security is inconvenient and painful but is worth the money spent on it if the reputation of an organisation has to be protected.


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